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Doubtful Disputes With Cursing Christians?

Walking the Tightrope of the Holiness Way! by John McGlone UPDATE 1/30/17:  Recently, while preaching in Washington, DC at the inauguration I was approached by David Giro of LaCroix and Skelly’s preaching group.  He made the accusation  that our whole group and I needed to repent of our reviling andRead More …

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LIVE on Christian Talk Radio 1160

Great Outreach on Live Radio! There were eight holiness preachers gathered for an outreach to Sinsinnati at the annual Oktoberfest.  Bro John Williams had arranged a live interview for Jesse Morrell with a local radio host, Kathryn Raaker, here is her radio show link. We were all invited in andRead More …

False Doctrine of Original Sin = Judgment!

When we preach in the open air, original sin, sinful nature, and once saved always saved doctrines consistently permeate the crowd no matter where we go or to whom we preach.  Sinners seek to justify themselves and others with these false doctrines in the light of holiness preaching.  I came acrossRead More …