Free Gospel Tract Download, Etc.

Free Gospel Tract Download

Some of the great features of this tract is that it has two sides which are filled with God’s Holy Word!  No nonsense with pictures or gimmicks.  Yet it uses great colors on a black background which makes it very readable even on the dark streets of America.  It also has larger paragraph headers which contain the Gospel in and of themselves for those that are elderly or don’t have their glasses with them.  Lastly, it has in very large print, “FEAR GOD”, which of course is the Gospel in Rev 14:6-7.   Freely we have received the Gospel and freely we offer you the opportunity to print out your own excellent and easily distributed Gospel tracts.

Follow these easy steps:  1. Pop out the image 2.  download these two files
3.  Recommend printer below for bulk two sided print job.  We usually do 5000 at a time. We recommend 12-14 pt paper.  4.  We recommend the
3.5″ X 5.5″ size which the image is sized for. We have found this company to give the best deal online, even local printers can not match $105 for 5000 tracts!

Cards & Banners Bulk Printer

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Gospel Banner Construction

This involves using the following website to print your own banner design.

1. printed the vinyl.  The website that prints tracts charges too much for banners.  And, I used a promotion code to get free shipping and 25% off, which caused me to get it for $27.

2.  The 12×3 foot vinyl is what I used.  It is actually cheaper than the 10×3, as strange as that is.  Plus, the 12×3 give you extra space for handles and extra vinyl for the rain flap at the top.  My banner is technically 5.5×3 foot, due to the “huge” handles :-).

3.  The vinyl cement I used (HH-66) is not two part and is not epoxy.

4.  No wood used.  Vinyl, PVC pipe, PVC fittings, PVC cement, HH-66 vinyl cement, and minor hardware (one small bolt, 2 washers, 1 nut) are the only parts.
The vinyl print price can be as low as $18 per 5×3 if you purchase the 30×3 foot size.

We print the text vertically on it’s side along the length of a 10′ X 3′ vinyl.  We then fold it over the top to make a two sided 5′ X 3′ banner.  We use this free online drawing program to make our designs:

NOTE:  If you plan on using any images they must meet strict dpi requirements or your image will pixilate on your banner.  See instructions on the banner printers website or give them a call. This is very heavy duty and we use a two part vinyl epoxy to cement the edges and key areas on the banner construction.   We were able to make this banner for $27 dollars for the printed banner and about $12 worth of framing pvc and about $20 for the pole.  It takes about 4-5 hours to construct the first one, but we all should get faster after we figure out all the details.  If you decide to make your own banner please share a testimonial how God worked this out for you and we may feature any video that you may have.  Thanks and God bless you!



Multi Bullhorn Mount

What We Believe Page Download

Download (DOCX, 20KB)

Open Air Preaching Defense Download

Download (DOCX, Unknown)





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