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preaching at U of Louisville

Please feel free to contact us whether you are a believer or not!  We love to hear feedback from the saints and sinners alike!  May God bless you.

Please update the contact form with your information, please include websites, thank you!

We count it a privilege to serve the Lord this way in open air ministry.

Firstly, if you would like to support the work we would ask that you first pray if you would support us in these most important manners.  We are in constant spiritual warfare as we go forth to proclaim His Word among the lost.  We ask  you pray that:  1.  We fear none but God  2.  We be filled with the Holy Spirit  3.  We would follow Him alone  4.  We would be wise as serpents and gentle as doves  5.  We would speak forth His Word as He commands  6.  The lost would be moved by the Holy Spirit unto repentance and faith in Christ  7.  That we would bring glory to the Son who deserves nothing less.

Secondly, if you are interested in hosting a few open air preachers in your home that we might reach your area with the Gospel of Jesus, we would be blessed.  We are willing to travel long circuits if we can get someone to support us in this manner.  We find that by the second or third day of preaching on the same campus, much of the nonsense has evaporated and good sincere spiritual questions are asked and answered.

Thirdly,  this ministry has financial costs which must be met.  We are full time open air preachers that don’t get much support from the traditional churches.  We are tent makers that work at various jobs part/full time to support our families and the ministry.  We have transportation,  lodging and family expenses.  If the Lord is leading you to partner with us in this area to reach the lost, we would be grateful.  We would humbly ask that you have met your own financial obligations in your home and assembly before considering supporting us.


Rom 13:7-8 Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.  Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.

Lastly, if you would like to join us on a mission trip to a local university, festival, or to support us in any way,  please contact me at:

God bless you.


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49 Comments to Contact the Ministry

  1. Michelle says:

    John, is there a simple link or something that you could put up to your paypal account or mailing address for sending financial support for the ministry. That would be helpful to contributors.

    • johnmcglone says:

      Michelle, thanks for your interest in supporting the ministry! I will check on putting a paypal link on this page soonest. In the meantime if you would like, send your support to:

      John McGlone
      PO Box 93
      Breeding, KY 42715

      Thanks and God bless you.


    • johnmcglone says:

      I have an updated support link here sister!

      Thank you!


    • Sierra says:

      This is seriously so sad. You think you’re “helping” people, but the hate you display towards LGBT community is repulsive. What happened to love one another? Where is that being preached? I’m only seeing judgemental group of people that like to condem others for their sins, before looking at their own. Very sad that you’re doing this “in the name of Jesus”. He would would hate what he sees…

      • johnmcglone says:

        many bald assertions here…I don’t even know where to begin to help you.

        • Austin says:

          I would be interested in your side as long as you can back yourself up biblically and thoroughly, which in my experience and reading of the bible would not be possible. I have attached the smartest man I know’s website. It’s really insightful and helped me alot.

      • Benjamin Adam Stanley says:

        Sad you started with a false assertion, you could’ve came from different angles, but stated a position with an assertion about hate with no validity. Meaning no sound scriptural evidence to support your assertion on what is biblical hate. First, if you are a Christian, which is “a person in Christ, which means His Spirit The Holy Ghost lives in you” we go to the Bible and the Holy Ghost for what is righteous and unrighteousness. What you don’t understand, which leads me to believe you aren’t taught by The Holy Ghost, we’re to hate anything that is unrighteousness in our own lives first, then our family, then our brethern and then the world and enemies. Why? Because those are the things that are separating and manipulating them away from God. Because we’ve a majority of counterfeit Christians they no longer understand what true biblical preaching is. They base it off how it makes them feel and how it makes others feel. The truth is modern church’s make sinners feel welcome to live in sin and convince them their Christians when they aren’t. This is the anti christ (against) Christ spirit they Bible speaks of, which deceives even the elect if possible. The modern day false perception of hate, and teachings of the Christian church are influenced by men, mostly intellectuals who public speak. They’ve no spiritual anointing and can’t hear from God so they speak the Bible from their own minds and heart and not Gods. This is why you can’t understand that calling out people who will spend countless trillions of years in a place of torment is more important than letting them live 20-40 years in pleasure. You live for the moment a true Holy Ghost filled Christian lives for eternity. Repent and believe and stop following the world

  2. Kevin Honeycutt says:

    Hey brother John, I went on my first open air preaching in Charlotte with Brian Cranford and it was a blessing to me, thanks for your videos to study they have helped me on how to preach to crowds. I will be sending a donation to the po box address. Your brother in Christ, Kevin

  3. Joey Neigh says:

    Bro John I need to ask you a question regarding doctrine about someone we both follow on YouTube. If you could drop me a reply email so I can give you the details, I would appreciate it. Always praying for you. God bless 🙂

  4. Chelsea says:

    Yall are a fuckin joke.

  5. Jeb says:

    I hope when all of you perish in the black flames of the dark one, that you will realize that that your type of faith is what brought you there. In the end it will be the strong of spirit and heart that will inherit the earth, not the retching hate that you and your flock spew. It is ok though, because you will find everlasting pain and torment. What delights they will show you.

    Anyway god is a woman and she wouldn’t condone to what any of you are doing.

    • johnmcglone says:

      you are a liar like your father the devil. God is male through and through. Born of a virgin with a penis, and rules as the patriarch of the Universe.
      Your false female god is of the devil.

  6. j o h n m c g l o n e says:

    You got a lot of bad coming for you.

    • johnmcglone says:

      Are you threatening me?

      • GodSentMeToSay'ShuttheFuckUp!' says:

        XD never fear, god will save you little priest. What are you bleeding vaginas protesting next? A pre-school Xmas program? One of your little butt buddies protested a Xmas parade down in Glasgow a block from a Christian Church. Telling kids they were going to hell for being in a parade. Whether or not you have the capacity to see the stunning amount of mindless trouble-making here doesn’t make much of a difference since I know it’s not you or your pals fault that your parents didn’t teach you to read so you have no idea what the Bible really says. But let me tell you, God has priorities and santa Claus is probably not at the top of his list.
        See, I hate religon obviously. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, pagans, Baptists, Scientologist. All the same to me. However, it’s the unreachable worms like you that REALLY give people headaches. You are a zealot, and the reason I think we should have more abortions. The best part of inbred zealots like you must have been the afterbirth that turned into a bloody red stain on the hospital bed under your mother. And before you ask, no I had no intention of ‘changing’ you with banter. Trying to show you reason would be like trying to play I-spy with a blind person.
        Anyway, have a blessed day and have fun running around like a beheaded chicken with an epiphany!

        • johnmcglone says:

          Alice of Green Gables,

          I think you have posted the stupidest, most unreasonable post I have ever received since we started our blog ministry almost three years ago, congratulations!

  7. Ben says:

    Love trumps hate. Love everyone and you shall not face eternal fire. The path you are on now leads you away from God’s path, from his plan. God has struggled for millenia to achieve His vision of a perfectly united world, one free from hate, oppression, and persecution. You are standing in the way of this vision. Change your ways and you may have a chance to live eternally with the Lord and Savior. He is forgiving and all-accepting. Using the Bible as evidence of otherwise is molesting the Scripture. Please reconsider your message and your actions.

    • johnmcglone says:

      Are you kidding? Are you that Bible illiterate? Jesus said He came to bring a sword into the world. He said He came to bring fire and how He wished it were kindled!

  8. A Lesbian says:

    Hello! I’m a lesbian! Do I get to go to hell? I wanna check out the other hot ladies down there.

    • johnmcglone says:

      No bars, no lesbo sex, no enjoyment of any sort there. It’s fire as Jesus taught you will burn in suffering and torment mocker. I hope you will repent. Oh yeah, no water to cool your tongue…not one drop. Think about that for a few hours…

  9. A Lesbian says:

    Hello! I’m a lesbian. Do I get to go to hell, and if so, what lesbian bars do you reccommend once I arrive? I wanna find other ladies when I’m down there. P.S., the heat isn’t from Hell itself, it’s from me! Fear meeee! Boo!

    • johnmcglone says:

      No bars, no lesbo sex, no enjoyment of any sort there. It’s fire as Jesus taught you will burn in suffering and torment mocker. I hope you will repent. Oh yeah, no water to cool your tongue…not one drop. Think about that for a few hours…

  10. Spitzen Beitrag, gefällt mir echt gut.!

  11. Baphomet says:

    May Satan be with You 🙂

    • johnmcglone says:

      Lucifer is the enemy of your soul and mine. He is the enemy of my good and loving King Jesus Christ. You need to surrender to Him before you die and go to His jail which would be everlasting hell.

  12. Kerri-Anne says:

    I am a 23 year old Catholic and have always been proud of my faith. I live in England in a busy city. It is supposed to be a religion of love and peace, but I am forever seeing “Jesus preachers” within the city centre trying to force their religion on other people. Let people make up their own minds, you may see it as helping others but it only draws people away from religion. I was also appalled to see anti homosexual preachers. I am heterosexual but I can fully support that homosexuality is a sin. Anyone who believes other wise, or turns their back to anyone of the LGBQT community is not a true Christian. You hide your own ignorance behind religion and are giving true Christians like myself a bad name. People who hate homosexuals are the ones going to hell for preaching hate, NOT them. Please stop this its 2017, love thy neighbour, not just the straight ones!

    • Kerri-Anne says:

      I meant to ay homosexuality is NOT a sin. I repeat, it is NOT a sin! Anyone who believes otherwise is filled with hate and will for in hell. I pray for those souls

    • johnmcglone says:

      No sinner you can’t support what the God of the Bible hates. Not only does He hate homosexual sodomy but hetero as well. God hates pride as well. So, apparently God hates the god you have made up in your own mind. Lastly, stop hating the hate! Would that be hypocritical?

      • Kerri-Anne says:

        God is all loving and those who preach hate to another person was not created in his own image. How can you hate homosexuals is they were created in God’s own image? You are what’s wrong with the world. I am proud of religion but people like you give us a bad name. Catholics love all our neighbours only sinners hate people. I pray you see the light and you will open your heart to homosexuals and rid your hate otherwise you are heading the right direction to hell. Please please see homosexuals as equals as you would your heterosexual neighbour. EVERYONE IS EQUAL YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN ANY OTHER PERSON. believing you are better than homosexuals is believing you are better than god as he created them in his image as he wanted as to them they are perfect. You are the one who is not

        • johnmcglone says:

          Stop hating the hate. How can you hate me so much? God hates pride, that’s in the Bible. No homo is equal that is weird! Everyone is not equal! Some are better, some are worse. Sinners are BAAAAAAAAAAAAD, Saints are GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

  13. John McLoser says:

    Your comebacks are awesome. I realize your childhood sucked, but come on….

  14. Alex says:

    Hi John,

    Sorry, my comment seems to have disappeared or not been uploaded so I wanted to follow up. My email is if you want to get in touch. Thank you!


    • johnmcglone says:

      Hey Alex, not sure what happened. What are you inquiring about exactly? Thank you.

      • Alex says:

        Hi John,

        Thanks for following up. I’m making a documentary film about Christianity and sin. I wanted to talk to you about participating. Would you be interested? Thank you for your time, hope you’re having a good weekend.

        • johnmcglone says:

          What does that look like exactly? As I have already expressed, we have had many ‘journalists’ who have made the same claim and did not represent what we are about in truth. I am interested but cautious. I will add that my personal life; family, work, etc will NOT be put on display. Thanks.

  15. Harry Tibbs says:

    You are part of a cult!

    • johnmcglone says:

      Harry, what do you mean I am part of a cult, like Jim Jones, kool aid, and dead people? We have been in this region for eight years, raised our families, paid our taxes, obeyed the law, and worshiped God as we believe. What’s the problem exactly?
      John McGlone, Jesus Preacher Ministries

  16. Greg says:

    Jesus is fake. You’ve all been duped. Wake up and treat all humans as equals.

  17. ROBERT E HEATH says:

    Please send book 2335 crooks st ashland ky 41101

  18. Liam Doyle says:

    Hello I am reaching to Adam not sure if this is the right venue, but I was told that we share the same zeal by someone who knows us both. The problem I have is that the name of Jesus is a false name and a lie a counterfeit. Our Masters real Name is Yahushua as it states in Proverbs:30:4 Do you know His Name Do you know His Sons Name? The Fathers Name is Yahuah and according to scripture there is only one Name under heaven by which men should be saved. Yahushua tells us in John 4:23 and 24 that we are called to worship Him in spirit and in truth.However there is NO truth in the name of Jesus there is NO letter ‘ J ” in Greek or in Hebrew and did not appear in the English language till about the year 1690 and later.So our Master was never known by that Name it is NOT the name given by the Father The Name of Yahushua means Yahuah is salvation or our deliver / redeemer The Name Yahuah means I am the everlasting self existing one the great I am .The name jesus has only one possible means meaning hail Zeus according to some scholars do your own research. Also the term Lord means Ba’al an ancient Canaanite pagan deity another no no why would we use an pagan title which its known all through scripture that Yahuah hates paganism so why use a pagan title in assocation with Him . You might think well its doesn’t matter to me H knows what I mean but it matters to Him according to scripture. Also Isaiah 52;6 my people will know my Name. I mean this information to be a blesseing to all and a call to truth and to the restoration of His wonderful Name .

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