#GoTrump Outreaches in Washington, D.C.


History made in Wash. DC to Lift up Jesus!

God had lead a team of godly holiness preachers to go out to the millions of people that would gather at the inauguration of President Elect Donald John Trump.  Very exciting to prepare to return to my home stomping grounds as I was born and grew up in Northern VA.

Day One – Travel and Cincy Basketball

I traveled north to Cincinnati to join John Williams, Josh Borchett, Quincy Annatello, and R.D. Christian.  From there we would head to DC and join about a dozen other preachers that were being hosted by a holiness church in Springfield, VA.   While waiting for R.D. to come in we decided to go to the Univ of Cincinnati and preach at a playoff game.  We preached there for a few hours, headed to the airport, then off to DC!

Day Two – #PizzaGate & Islamic Center of Wash., D.C.

We arrived the next morning and joined the men for a fellowship breakfast, then off to our first event in the area.  We decided to preach at #CometPizza which is a homo pizza shop which promotes pedophilia according to many reports in the social media.  We would preach at this place three times during our stay in DC with the police doing a great job every time.  I have uploaded the last outreach as it was the craziest of all.  You can view that here:

DEMON POSESSED PEOPLE Outside of DC’s #CometPongPong #CometPizza #PizzaGate #pedogate NOT #fakenews #MCM #Gay #LGBT https://t.co/dcIxreV6NE

When we went to #Pizzagate #CometPizza #Pedogate it was not open.  They don’t open until 5 pm which is really weird because pizza joints could make lots of money between 11am – 5pm but this place really isn’t about making profit from pizza.  We stayed for about an hour and left to go to the biggest Mosque in the area.  You can see some of our work here:


Day Three – Inauguration of Donald John Trump as the President of the U.S. in Washington, D.C.

From the metro subway travel all the way downtown we could just sense the excitement in the air.  I was thrilled to hand out many thousands of good gospel tracts over the course of five days.  You can see our ministry tract here:

Free Gospel Tract Download, Etc.


Outreach to the Inauguration went great as Br. Ruben Israel picked out the perfect spot for us to preach at the main gate of the event.  We had marched directly to the front past all the security points with our banners, shirts, and bullhorns and got this great spot situated between two buildings, no background noise and two lines 6 people wide that were slowly moving by.  It is reported that these lines were tens of blocks long, I was so thankful that we had the Lord’s favor to get this area.  We surely preached to hundreds of thousands as they streamed past us in very slow security lines.  This lasted from about eight hours before the lines crowds dissipated about 4 pm. Then we headed to Le’Enfant Metro Plaza food court.  Two of us had gotten separated but Uncle Ruben was great guiding us back to the squad of soldiers for Jesus.  We sat down and within minutes an angry loud mouthed black woman started trouble with a preacher who wouldn’t back down.  The police were called and she was shooed away.  We had a nice meal, got some rest and headed back to our lodgings before heading out to #Cometpingpong and those weirdos for a second night of spiritual attack into the darkness of that place.  Long days of great battles really fatigue my body and yet energize my soul for the lost to be found in Jesus!

Day Four –  A Half a Million Pussy Hat Wearing Radicalized Feminazi Lesbians!

The next day on Saturday the 21st of Jan, we preached the #Womenswalk which were those representing reproductive rights aka baby murder, #BLM rights aka police murder, LGBTQ rights aka self murder by perverted sexual activity, Muslim rights aka a everybody murder by peaceful religion.  Here you see Sister Onica doing a great job scourging the hundreds of thousands of feminist lesbians who are contrary to God’s Word and will for their lives.


Day Five – Going Into Three Temples of Doom

Sunday we hit three churches and went inside and rebuked two out of the three.  Here is one I went inside of:  Click Here for Covenant Baptist Church Outreach in Wash. DC
This ‘church’ is Homo-Abortion Affirming

A story that really stuck out in my mind at the second church was a young black woman across the street named Jasmine.  She had a big bandage on her forehead and one eye was blackened, and swollen shut.  I asked her what happened and she related she just got out of the hospital because her boyfriend had bitten her in the eye the night before.  We prayed together that Jesus by His stripes would heal her wound but more importantly that she would surrender to Him and be healed of all of her spiritual wounds unto salvation.  She was very humble as she took a tract, thanked me, and told me she would read it.  Maybe God had us there just for her!

We decided to relax after that and do some touring around DC. We saw the Capitol, the Supreme Court, the mall, and lastly we went the other end of the mall.  There were still many tens of thousands of pink pussy hats all over the city.  When we went to the Lincoln Memorial guess what happened…:

Great trip praise the Lord for all the soldiers who endured to come;  Ruben Israel, Jim Gilles, Jesse Morrell, Pastor Aden, Amar, Kevin, Chelsea, Quincy Annatello, John&Onica Kranert, Joshua Borchert, R.D. Christian, John Williams, Isidro, Vijay Pisani, Daniel Rusk, and myself.  I praise God for you all and thank you so much for all the wonderful time together both in battle and in fellowship.  God bless you.  Oh, did I forget to mention that  Official Street Preachers  organized this event?

Br. John McGlone


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