Trashy Talk at the Trump Rally?


We had short notice planning on the Trump rally visit to Nashville’s Auditorium in the downtown area.  Bros Tim Brown, Marvin Heiman, Kenneth Winslow and myself were able to get into the labor field of thousands of conservatives who were standing in long cold lines for hours and hours at a time in order to get into the general free admission offered by Trump. The line was 5-7 wide and went on for I guess about 8-10 city blocks and up and around a hilly area on the other side of the capitol.

Bro Marvin and I got there first, a little after noon, as I was concerned about the road closures and knew there would be people there in line waiting for President Donald J. Trump.  We were met with the usual angst from people who may have voted conservatively but don’t live in a manner that conserves their lives.  They love the liberality of living in their favorite sins.

Road closures started at noon with max security at 3:30 pm with the expected arrival window of President Trump sometime between then and 6:30 pm, his scheduled time to speak.   Originally, we thought we would want to preach to the head of the line but with the road closure we wouldn’t be able to get back up to the front if we opted to leap frog preaching to the end of the line.

Tim and Kenneth showed up about an hour after we started and began our two man, two team leap frogging of the line.  They quickly disappeared behind the bend of the roadway and a building as we labored to bring God’s Word to the attention of the carnal minds in line.  We found that we were going back and forth in the line as we dealt with various hecklers who would chase us down the line and then back up again.  Fortunately, we had a fence barrier between the Trumpers and ourselves.  Some of them really did not like the Bible scourging they were receiving.  We did find a few here and there that would give us a thumbs up, say we’re praying for you, keep going, etc very encouraging as we work to bring glory to Jesus.  Water in a thirsty land to the preacher of God, so to speak…Here is an email that I received the next morning, I was very blessed.

I enjoyed hearing you speak on the word of God at the Trump event in Nashville yesterday while I was in line. You have have reached a part of my soul that knows you are 100% right on what you say . God is going to Bless you for speaking the truth . Thank you   -Dorothy F.

We had noticed some of the Trump fans were looking across the street to point out the President as he stood across the street.  We knew it wasn’t really him, but an impersonator who would make his way down the line to where we were.   I was blessed to actually get an interaction going with him for 5-10 minutes which the crowd appreciated and I think the impersonator as well.   We talked about rich men, camels, eyes of needles, kingdom of God, and that nothing was impossible with God.  I met a young reporter who filmed the whole thing.  Here is a small clip of that interaction published nationally.  After this link is the full video Br. Marvin shot, he did great!

President du Faux Donald J. Trump Interview

We met Capt. Corman who was cordial to us as always and in a sense I think he enjoys listening to our work, except our admonitions to the Pope and the RCC.  He asked if we were needful of anything, assured our constitutional protections under the law,etc. and we said our goodbyes.  About an hour later a LT. from the police force informed us we would be in an exclusion zone where were standing.  We made a decision to catch up to Tim and Ken to discuss the matter.  As we traveled down the line we began to realize that this line was for block after block with no end in sight!  Praise Jesus!  We spoke to them to decide if we would preach the head or work the line.  We decided to work to the end of the line as daylight was burning and we didn’t think the multitudes would even make it to the auditorium to see the President.

Bros Tim and Kenneth took the lead and again they were soon out of sight around the bend.  We came out into an open area between the hill the state capitol sits upon with a huge grassy area and the Centennial Park beyond the line and the street.  We had been working the line and the listeners were complaining that the small 16 watt Radio Shack bullhorn was too loud, imagine that, eh? I was having some pretty heated discussion between a woman and her husband in line who were judging our preaching and telling us not to judge.  Well, just about that time the wind picked up and snapped our fiberglass banner pole with our gopro on it.  The crowd erupted in cheers and approval at this act of ‘God’.  I agreed with them that it was an act of God, maybe He didn’t want us to warn them anymore.  They became quiet, meanwhile Marvin worked to do a street repair on our pole. He used some electrical tape and within five minutes we had the banner resurrected!  No cheers but from two saints of God who gleefully lifted up His Word unto the sinners.  Keep in mind our camera is mounted to this as well along with a battery pack.  About that time the Lord pointed out this beautiful mount upon the grassy hillside that we advanced  in order to speak to thousands instead of tens at a time.  It was marvelous!  As the line slowly passed us they were getting a full 20 minute sermon which followed Tim and Kenneth’s previous preaching they had already given to these same people as they marched down the line.  We were there for a good three hours preaching from this hillside.  Keep in mind these folks had been standing in weather that felt like 24 degrees with the windchill for hour after hour after hour in the slowly progressing line.  The sun was setting and the shadows were consuming the line with cold.  Our position was well lit and warmed by God’s sun and kept us nicely until about 6:30 pm when we packed it up to head to the front of the line.  Here is a video of Marvin preaching His Sermon on the Mount:

We had planned to go and see the President and be a part of the rally.  We knew we would have to take our gear back to our car and return to the end of the line.  However, by this time we realized we would never make it in.  As we walked back up to the auditorium we spotted the small crowd of maybe 4-500 people protesting Trump’s rally.  Tim was pumped up and jumped right into the crowd.  I believed that we needed to get to the edge of the crowd.  We then could duck and move to new locations so they wouldn’t surround us and lovingly beat us up as I have seen these types do on many occasions.  The crowd consisted of tolerant BLM, FemiNazi, LGBTQ, Muslims, illegal immigrants, Demoncrats, etc..  They were immediately inflamed to surround and physically bully Tim.  We pulled back and chose a new spot, they did the same maneuver.  We played this game for about a half an hour and decided it was enough of a warning and didn’t want to cast any pearls before these swine.  We left and is another usual tactic they stalked us claiming they weren’t stalking us telling us to get out of ‘their’ town.  We warned them several times, and went to seek assistance from an officer when most of them realized the seriousness and backed off and continued on their merry rebellious way to hell.
In summary, this was a great preach!  I hope that the President continues to hold these things throughout his term.  They let the public know that He is real and wants to see good change for our country.  The Fake News outlets did their standard bites of anti Trump stew with pro libtarded ideologies promoted and approved of.  Lastly, I would exhort the saints to make it to these events even if you have to take the day off of work!  It was a fantastic opportunity to reach conservative people that 8 of 10 believe they are ‘Christian’ but can’t explain the Gospel, go figure.  God bless you all as you seek to do the will of our King!


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