Current Events

I have decided to add this page to keep the blog fresh and up to date with recent events in the world news that effect or influence Christians and unbelievers alike.

My Disputation With Kerrigan Skelly and Refining Fire Fellowship

Called to Funeral Ministry!

Homosexual Agenda of Annihilation

Two Prayers and Two Labors for the Lord!

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  1. David Fontaine says:

    Dear Bro. McGlone, I believe you have stated that if one wanted to know what happened between you, and Refining Fire Fellowship and your dispute with the members thereof,that we could ask you for a password,and you would give it. Well I thought I made it quite apparent that I wanted it, but as of this date of 11-05-2015 I have not received it. I want to know from you what happened, because there is a lot of heresay on the net. And furthermore I would rather trust your testimony regarding this matter, than the garbage circulating the net.

  2. David Fontaine says:

    Dear Bro. John, Disregard my last E-mail on what to do next, because I know now. However it’s not accepting my username, so I can’t log in. Sorry for the inconvenience, but could you help me concerning this problem. Thanks Dave

    • Brad says:

      There is no username. Click on the link for the disputation, and just put the password in the only box provided. Hopefully that works.

  3. Romel betossib says:

    Hi brother John, you don’t know me, I have been watching your YouTube channel and get blessed by you. I also asked you a question about a month ago, and you replayed thanks. Most street preachers don’t. I’m praying for you brother.
    If you want me to read what you wrote about what’s happening and I really do, can you give me the password. Thank you and God bless

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