RYR, Historic Email – Formal Meeting Request To Elders 06/11/15

Last email I sent to elders 06-11-15 requesting formal meeting with two witnesses who had heard my testimony about what was going on:

Dear brothers Kerrigan, Kevin, and Tracy,

I have agonized in prayer over this three year disagreement about what I believe is a misapplication of the Matt 18 process.  As you know I believe this is simply interpreted as ekklesia vs. the elder model you have described in earlier communications.

I am also in disagreement about the secrecy of other elders outside the fellowship from whom you all are receiving counsel. It is especially concerning in regards to this very serious church function which you have admitted you have received from those outside and unknown elders.

I am also in disagreement with the heavy handed over ruling in regards to doctrine, practices, and associations.  I believe Rom 14 is a good model by which we can walk with brethren who may not have come to an agreement with us in every view.

Sadly, this has led me to have to seek counsel from four godly mature men outside our fellowship.   The consensus is that this is a serious problem.

The Lord has led me to share my testimony on these matters with two brethren in our fellowship; Joshua G. and Dan Ruchinski.  I have asked that they and I meet with you in the interest of ensuring:  1.  we have not had miscommunication with each other  2.  that reconciliation and agreement may be afforded to all parties.  3.  We are requesting a formal meeting of inquiry where these two men will be allowed to seek your views on these important matters. I will be there to witness the meeting, but will remain silent unless these two men have clarifying questions for me.  4.  We will be audio recording the meeting in order to ensure an unbiased record of the testimonies.  5.  I will be bringing pertinent email correspondence to help with understanding   6.  It is our hope we can meet with you at the earliest opportunity.  Our best availability will be Saturday morning at 8am.  I would ask that we limit our meeting to two hours at the most.  7.  I would also ask that all correspondence concerning these matters be replied to all.

I am not being divisive but I desire to ensure that we remain unified as Refining Fire Fellowship.  It is my prayer and hope that the Holy Ghost will bring all of us to agreement in accordance to the plain reading of Scripture as we submit to His will.




Commentary on this is very simple.  This transparent request was ignored because according to the elders.  ‘We’ve talked to John on this many times, so we went to Joshua and Dan.’  What they didn’t do, is talk to me about going to the witnesses outside of the meeting parameters of this formal request for a hearing I made.  

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