Photo Slide Shows

fall and Br. John McGlone are pleased to provide free slide shows and sliders to the saints of God. Please feel free to copy/promote these images/slideshows across social media, blogs, websites, church and home group meetings, family gatherings. May God bless you!

    • Outreaches

  • Abortion

  • Islam

  • Lukewarm Christianity

  • Homosexuality

  • Misc. Religions

  • God’s Creation

  • Original Sin

  • Calvinism


I will be working to help you figure out how you can download the whole slideshow at one time.  I know you will need to use the same Gmedia Gallery plugin that I am at the least.  I highly recommend this app.  It is CSS based and very good looking,  fast, and with many different modules you can freely access and download. There is a pretty good forum to help you figure out glitches as well.  Thanks for your patience.



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