September, 2014

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False Doctrine of Original Sin = Judgment!

When we preach in the open air, original sin, sinful nature, and once saved always saved doctrines consistently permeate the crowd no matter where we go or to whom we preach.  Sinners seek to justify themselves and others with these false doctrines in the light of holiness preaching.  I came acrossRead More …

Destroying Doctrines of Devils: Sacred Name Movement (SNM) Refuted

YHWH Only Defined and Refuted originally researched in January, 2010 Our family has been interacting and dealing with a large family of YHWH only believers whom have become our dear friends yet are trying to proselytize our children by their children to this false system of belief.  I felt compelledRead More …

Shawnee State University Apr 22, 2014

Lexington Pride 2014

Doctrine of Temptations

  Temptations – Definitions, Sources and Responses The Lord had been putting this issue on my heart for months. As I continue to study the issues of original sin, fleshly sin, etc. I find that the ‘church’ has systematized sin in a way that most understand it to be somethingRead More …